Our strategic long-term goals and ways to achieve them

We are a leading property lifecycle management company. Our aim is to make new construction and existing buildings healthy for people, the environment and the economy.

The why – our vision

We accelerate the change towards more sustainable construction and building management.

Our vision is in keeping with the purpose of Trill Impact, which has been the majority owner of Sustera since 2022. This pioneering impact house was established to become a thought leader, an inspirer and force for positive change through impact private investments.

Together we aim to deliver a lasting impact for the benefit of our stakeholders and society at large. By leading the way in property lifecycle management we encourage others to join our cause.

The what – our mission

We ensure buildings increase their value, stay healthy for people and become more environmentally friendly.

We realise our vision through our services that help buildings stay in better, healthier shape, last longer and have less impact on the environment. While doing so, we look after a significant part of the wealth of building and property owners.

Learn more about how we carry out assessments, provide expert advice and advance projects.

The how – our values


We are experts at what we do and we deliver with passion and pride. We are constantly developing and innovating new services to provide expertise to meet evolving customer needs and tightening regulations.


We make a positive impact on the environment, people and communities around us by making buildings more sustainable and better places to live and work, and by applying good governance in our daily operations.


Wellbeing starts with ourselves. Strong teamwork and inspiring work environment provide the best results. We believe in supporting each other to achieve a healthy work-life balance.

Foundations of growth

Several megatrends are creating a tailwind that is driving demand for technical consultancy.

Ageing building stock

In northern Europe alone, there are more than 60 million buildings, some of which are suffering from growing renovation debt. This will increase the need for condition inspections and sustainability-conscious design and renovation.

Increasing regulation

Regulation on sustainability, taxation and digitalisation is increasing and becoming more and more complex. This will increase the demand for consultancy and expert advice in the construction and building upkeep sector.

Growing health awareness

People are becoming more quality and health conscious. Higher standards for homes and workplaces will drive early action and the use of professional services in property management.

Tightening sustainability targets

To reach its zero emissions target for 2050, the EU is accelerating the rate of building decarbonisation. This will increase demand for green building services that reduce emissions throughout the life cycle of properties. The need for transparent emissions reporting is also growing.

Sustainability is built into our business model

We spend most of our time indoors – in buildings that are too often unfit for living in, or place excessive burden on the environment. Through our lifecycle services, we contribute to the wellbeing of people, properties and the planet. Moreover, we promote sustained and inclusive economic growth while ensuring wellbeing at work.

6,791 tCO2e

Carbon foot print

51,756 tCO2e

Carbon hand print


Employer Net Promoter Score


Customer Net Promoter Score

Services we offer

Our building lifecycle services fall into three divisions. Firstly, we assess, investigate and carry out surveys with precision. Secondly, we provide advice that prevents problems, reduces lifecycle costs and promotes green building practices. And finally, we advance projects by designing, managing and supervising them in a professional manner.

History of companies

Sustera is a shared brand for many companies that have joined our corporate family over the years. Some of these companies have already merged, while others continue to operate as separate entities, but we all share the same brand and identity.

  • Raksystems Insinööritoimisto Oy 1989
  • AEC Rakennus Oy Projektinjohto 2/2016
  • Insinööritoimisto RJ Heiskanen Oy 11/2017
  • Sisäilmatalo Kärki Oy 3/2019
  • Dry-IT AB 5/2019
  • Helsingin Seudun Suunnittelu- ja Rakennuttajapalvelu HSSR Oy 7/2019
  • Tubular Oy 9/2019
  • Green Building Partners Oy 2/2020
  • Projektledarhuset i Stockholm AB 6/2020
  • Suomen radonhallinta Oy 12/2020
  • Independia Consulting AB 02/2021
  • Byggkonsultgruppen Form i Rum AB 04/2021
  • Monomeet AB 07/2021
  • qb3 projekt AB 07/2021
  • EcoReal Oy 07/2022
  • Aquademica AB 07/2022
  • KnowTek Oy 03/2023

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