SRV utilizes the modern Geolo geothermal solution in the redevelopment of Jorvi Hospital, significantly reducing construction-related emissions

SRV is constructing a new ward building at Jorvi Hospital in Espoo, in accordance with the HUS environmental program, with a focus on low carbon footprint. To minimize construction-related emissions and energy consumption, the project has selected the Geolo solution from Raksystems Climate Solutions Oy. Geolo enables the safe utilization of geothermal energy during the construction phase, as well as providing high-quality and robust environmental control throughout the year.

The total floor area of the new ward building will be approximately 50,000 square meters, with an estimated completion date in 2026. The five-story ward building will include, after completion, a new main hall, adult and pediatric inpatient wards, pediatric outpatient clinic, maternity ward, imaging facilities, and spaces supporting the hospital campus activities. The project’s environmental goal is to reduce energy consumption and environmental impact. Geolo installation on the construction site will commence in October 2023.

“We visited SRV’s and Raksystems Climate Solutions’ previous collaboration on the Matinkylä High School construction project for the City of Espoo. The site clearly demonstrated good and consistent indoor conditions, which, combined with the achievable emission and energy savings, align with HUS’s sustainability goals,” says Project Manager Lari Warva from HUS Kiinteistöt Oy.

Stable and clean working conditions throughout the construction project

The Geolo geothermal energy solution allows for emissions savings and year-round optimization of conditions. During the summer, the site cools as the geothermal field charges with thermal energy, while winter ensures consistently warm working conditions. This results in efficient work and the installation of materials and structures under stable and appropriate conditions. The solution is separate and brought to the site for the construction period, ensuring that the technology left in the building is new for the end user, and the functionality of the geothermal field is guaranteed for the planned lifecycle.

“In line with our life cycle sustainability goals, we aim for net-zero emissions on our construction sites. Geolo enables the adoption of renewable energy in the project during the construction phase, and continuous environmental monitoring ensures optimal energy use and stable year-round production conditions. Together, these significantly reduce construction-related carbon dioxide emissions and costs. In addition, through good collaboration, we can assist in the progress of the construction process and, in turn, in production efficiency,” says Jani Mäkinen, SRV’s Head of Building Services.

CO2 savings with Geolo equivalent to circling the world 341 times

The geothermal solution used in the Jorvi Hospital project achieves significant carbon dioxide savings. CO2 emission reductions, according to the YM calculation method’s average emissions, during the construction period using Geolo amount to approximately 1,979 tons or about 9.7%. The impact on life cycle emissions savings is approximately 4.3%. This amount of CO2 emissions saved can drive about 13,700,000 km with an average-emission passenger car, equivalent to circling the world 341 times.

“A big thank you to HUS and SRV for their trust in Geolo and our services! The collaboration with SRV is open, and our joint impactful work is goal-oriented. With the diverse expertise of the parties, we are building the hospital of the future, where it is safe and pleasant to work and receive care, taking yet another step in reducing construction-related CO2 emissions and thus mitigating climate change,” says Janne Vanhanen, CEO of Raksystems Climate Solutions Oy.

Press release published in collaboration with SRV, HUS Kiinteistöt Oy, and Raksystems.

Raksystems Climate Solutionsin Geolo-ratkaisua hyödynnetään SRV:n Jorvin sairaalan rakennushankkeessa.

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Jani Mäkinen, Head of Building Services, SRV, tel. 040 506 3988,
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