Sustainability / Economic sustainability

Promoting economic sustainability

Properties are often a significant part of the wealth of their owners. By keeping them in a better shape for longer, we conserve both financial and natural resources, creating long-term economic stability.

Sustera. Building lifecycle company.

Sustaining wealth

Companies can no longer pursue results at all costs. Economic sustainability is about supporting long-term business performance without damaging the social, environmental and cultural aspects of the community. At Sustera, we want to strike a balance between economic growth, resource efficiency, social equity and economic stability.

Healthy building, healthy economy, healthy environment

Sometimes it can be more profitable to demolish and rebuild than to repair. However, this is often not the case – especially when a building has been well maintained. By keeping them in good condition and for longer, we reduce the need for new construction in a world where urbanisation inevitably leads to bigger cities. By using less capital, energy and raw materials, we curb the use of natural resources and the growth of housing costs. In this way, we play our part in making affordable and environmentally friendly housing available to a greater number of people.

Careful lifecycle management also creates financial security for property and homeowners. Uncontrolled repair debt can drive a property owner or housing association into trouble. Timely measures, on the other hand, avoid unexpected costs and help a building to maintain or often even increase its value.

Our energy services, for their part, improve the energy efficiency of both new and existing buildings and accelerate the transition to renewable energy. This helps to reduce future energy costs and environmental impact. Last but not least, our project services ensure that your construction or renovation project stays on budget, on target and on schedule. With us, your building will be ready for a new, more sustainable era.

We want to raise awareness of sustainable property management

As an expert organisation, we want to raise awareness about sustainable buildings. In 2022, we organised 49 training days for customers in Finland and 47 in Sweden. In addition to training, we actively communicated our activities and current topics through social media, direct mail, press releases and customer events.

At the heart of it all is a healthy property

Our core mission is to help property owners take care of their buildings. Our goal is to measure our positive impact on the wellbeing of properties for years to come. At the same time, we see that our own business is on a sustainable footing: as the building stock ages and environmental regulations become stricter, the demand for building lifecycle services is growing. 

In 2022, Sustera carried out 136 (Finland) and 37 (Sweden) environmental certifications and 2,200 (Finland) and 335 (Sweden) building welfare inspections for large properties.

Economic sustainability in numbers 
– KPIs for 2023

  • 71 NPS – customer satisfaction
  • 96 days – customer trainings
  • 173 – environmental certifications
  • 5535 – inspections to promote the health of the property

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