Environmental certifications for existing properties

Let’s work together to create new practices and approaches for your property to develop operations in a more environmentally friendly direction.

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An environmental certificate is a third-party verified quality mark for the environmental efficiency of the property.

We help you choose the most suitable certification and desired quality level, as well as develop the most efficient, cost-effective, and optimal solutions for your property’s quality. Our certification process starts with a comprehensive preliminary study to identify the property’s goals and potential environmental certification level. Our experts support and guide the fulfillment of criteria throughout the entire certification process.

Sustera has been responsible for the majority of environmental classifications conducted in Finland, and all of them have achieved or exceeded the targeted certification level.

LEED Existing Buildings -environmental certification

LEED Existing Buildings: Operation and Maintenance is a certification tool for the operational phase of buildings, measuring the environmental efficiency and sustainable maintenance of the property and its services. Depending on the version used, LEED EB: O&M certification is valid for three or five years, after which the property can apply for re-certification. The certification encourages continuous environmentally efficient operations of the property and enables monitoring and development.

For the certification of larger groups of properties, an efficient LEED Volume Program model exists. We are the only experts in Finland who have conducted certifications using this model.

BREEAM In-Use -environmental certification

BREEAM In-Use measures the environmental performance of existing properties. It is available for various types of properties, including commercial, logistic, and since 2020, residential buildings.

The system evaluates properties on a seven-tier scale from 0-6 stars, from “Unclassified” to “Outstanding”. Most properties in Finland have been classified as “Good” or “Very Good”. BREEAM In-Use certification requires a local assessor (BREEAM Assessor) to conduct a quality audit.

BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) is based on a common European standard and is therefore the most widely used environmental classification system for properties in Europe.

WELL Certification

WELL certification focuses on the health and well-being of property users. By investing in user well-being and comfort, a company’s attractiveness and productivity can be improved.

In WELL certification for existing spaces, the assessment considers both the technical features of the space and the organization’s activities from a well-being perspective. We have WELL AP-certified experts, and Finland’s first WELL projects are underway.

As the first Finnish GBCI-authorized operator, we have expanded our service offering to include WELL Performance Testing audits. WELL Performance Testing audits comprise comprehensive verification of indoor conditions, including measurements of air quality, thermal conditions, water quality, lighting, and room acoustics. The audits also include laboratory tests for air and water quality, along with on-site measurements, to ensure compliance with WELL criteria. Through audits, we can offer the entire WELL certification process flexibly and domestically, from preliminary studies to project guidance and auditing.


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