Geolo – optimal construction-time production conditions

Geolo is a completely new way to minimize construction-time CO2 emissions and energy consumption while optimizing construction-time production conditions. Geolo ensures the well-being of the building and maximizes its lifespan cost-effectively.

How does Geolo work?

Geolo combines a construction-time energy solution produced with carbon-neutral, renewable geothermal energy and our experts’ system control and management of production conditions. The solution also enables cooling during the summer months to ensure ideal working conditions and proper drying of structures.

With Geolo, we create completely emission-free optimal production conditions for construction, regardless of the season, which in turn enables well-being and long-lasting properties at their best. We understand the entirety of construction projects and the requirements for achieving an optimal outcome.

The condition management solution can also be implemented as a separate service in cases where geothermal energy as a heat source is not feasible, such as in district heating projects.

Construction carried out under the right conditions.

  • Save energy and reduce emissions during construction.
  • Ensure conditions for good indoor air quality regarding the structures.
  • Ensure a safe and healthy property for the end-user.
  • Support achieving environmental certifications.
  • Help to stay on schedule.
  • Maintain high quality.
  • Reduce complaints and the need for warranty repairs.
  • Provide better predictability in the construction process, thereby enabling increased productivity.
  • Clarify the construction project schedule, allowing for timely transitions between different phases.

Growing climate and environmental requirements in the construction industry.

In the construction industry, the importance of responsible and low-emission operations will become increasingly emphasized as customer demands rise, permits are sought, and emissions trading tightens. Operations are also strongly guided by the maximum temperature increase set for climate change, 1.5 degrees.

The construction industry must significantly reduce the carbon dioxide emissions generated by the construction process in the near future. Reducing emissions on construction sites requires changing established practices and leveraging new innovations. Geolo is a solution that revolutionizes the construction industry.

The impacts of Geolo on the environment, construction industry, and property owners.

The impact of Geolo on the environment and climate is significant, considering the emissions savings enabled by our service, minimizing energy consumption, and maximizing the lifecycle of healthy and well-being properties.

The achieved outcome supports construction companies and property owners in achieving their sustainability goals. For end-users, this means living and working in healthy and well-being properties.

Frequently Asked Questions

We design the equipment set and measures to produce optimal conditions. Optimal temperature and humidity throughout the year are achieved with Geolo heating and cooling solutions, which enable even drying of structures without unnecessary energy consumption for heating the structures.

Installation of surface materials is also carried out in the correct conditions, in line with M1 emission classifications.

We optimize the quantity of equipment based on CO2 emissions, energy consumption, as well as the desired conditions and schedule objectives. This ensures the right amount of equipment according to production progress and enables adherence to the schedule through appropriate conditions. This approach leads to cost savings in overall expenses.

  • We implement warm air recirculation and purification.
  • The quantity of equipment is adjusted as needed.
  • Maintenance visits and inspections of the equipment are carried out as required.
  • Moisture transfer within structures and the control of supply and exhaust air are managed.

We monitor the operational needs based on the progress of the project and the pre-planned schedule. Along the way, we ensure the functionality of the equipment throughout its operational period and perform necessary maintenance tasks.

The equipment is dismantled as the operational need at the site diminishes.

Reporting is included throughout the entirety of the project via a designated contact person for the site.

We report on agreed-upon and necessary matters as the project progresses as planned. In the final report, we compile the overall implementation and achieved results, and review them with our client.

Quality assurance measurements are conducted according to our moisture measurement plan, following the latest approved guidelines in accordance with current good construction practices.

The geothermal technology utilized by Geolo has been developed in collaboration with Sustera, Rototec and Enersys.

Rototec is Europe’s largest supplier of geoenergy solutions and an innovative pioneer in the field. Rototec’s comprehensive concept covers the entire process from energy system consulting and design to installation.

Enersys Oy is a consulting and design firm specializing in renewable energy sources throughout their lifecycle. The foundation of our heat pump systems is a high level of expertise in various areas of building technology, including refrigeration engineering.


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