Our property lifecycle management services

We carry out assessments, provide energy services, and design, manage and supervise your projects. Below you will find an overview of our offering. Read more on our country sites.

Inspections & Surveys

We carry out a wide range of inspections and surveys to identify and prevent problems. Our assessments are always conducted by seasoned experts using state-of-the-art digital tools, enabling home and property owners and facility managers to make informed decisions and avoid unforeseen expenses. Data-driven, timely maintenance keeps buildings healthy and safe, and helps maintain their value through decades.

We provide Due Diligence services for our international customer. Read more.

Energy & Sustainability

Our energy services encompass energy audits, energy renovation and energy monitoring. We offer expert advice that encourages green building practices and lowers lifecycle costs for both new constructions and existing buildings. By seamlessly integrating sustainability into the construction or renovation process, we ensure that energy efficiency requirements are met while keeping up with ever-tightening regulations.

We offer environmental certifications for construction projects as well as existing buildings, along with the Geolo service for minimizing construction-time CO2 emissions and energy consumption. Read more by clicking the service names.

Projects & Supervision

High-quality construction and renovation projects require a holistic approach and flawless project services: solid, environmentally conscious design, rigorous management and close supervision.

Our broad range of services and experienced specialists keep projects on time, on budget and on target, ensuring the functionality and health of the property for decades to come.

Listen what our clients have to say

“The expertise of the contacts was really good, the work was systematic, and the collaboration went really well. Solutions were found in problem situations.”

BREEAM-customer, Finland

“I feel that we have a very honest and solution-oriented communication where we find good solutions that are best for the project.”

Sustainability-service customer, Sweden

“If there’s an opportunity for geothermal heating at the next worksite, I’ll choose Geolo again. There’s nothing to fault.”

Geolo-customer, Finland

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