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We are a leading Nordic property lifecycle management company. With our expertise buildings will stay in better shape, last longer and have less impact on the environment – while increasing their value.

Foundations of our strategy

With buildings accounting for 40% of our energy consumption and 36% of CO₂ emissions, regulators are taking action to make buildings greener. At the same time, our building stock is ageing and people are becoming increasingly health and quality conscious. As this increases the need for lifecycle services, we will continue to invest in our core competences.
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Sustera. Building lifecycle company.

Sustainability is built into our business model

Sustainability is built into our business model
We spend most of our time indoors – in buildings that too often have inadequate conditions, or place excessive burden on the environment. Through our services, we contribute to the wellbeing of people, properties and the environment. Moreover, we promote sustained economic growth and wellbeing at work.

6,792 tCO2e

Carbon foot print

51,756 tCO2e

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Sustera. Building lifecycle company.

Services we offer

Our services fall into three divisions. Firstly, we assess, investigate and carry out surveys. Secondly, we provide advice that prevents problems, reduces lifecycle costs and promotes green building practices. And finally, we advance projects through designing, managing and supervising.

Sustera. Building lifecycle company.


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