Towards an even better customer experience – NPS measurement is being expanded at Raksystems

Raksystems Group, i.e. Raksystems Finland and Raksystems Sweden, had a customer experience measuring NPS score of 71 for the year 2023. NPS (Net Promoter Score) tells how likely a customer is to recommend a company’s service or product.

Raksystems Finland’s customer experience measuring NPS score for the year 2023 was 72, which is an excellent result. The result rose by one notch from 2022. The Group and Finland’s figures exceeded their target for 2023.

Raksystems Sweden’s NPS score for 2023 was 49, which is ok but also sets work for the future, especially in terms of improving satisfaction.

Raksystems Finland’s NPS score has improved overall

“The range of NPS scores given throughout the year has decreased compared to last year. The fact that customers have given more consistent evaluations throughout the year is linked to the consistent quality of our services,” says Jenna Joensuu, Raksystems Finland’s customer service manager.

The NPS score is based on groups built on the basis of a recommendation scale from zero to ten. The groups are promoters (9-10), neutrals or passives (7-8) and critical customers (0-6). The number is generated by subtracting the percentage of critical customers from the percentage of promoters.

NPS can be between -100 and 100. NPS scores of 0-30 are generally considered good.

“We have developed in all the entities we measure, and the NPS of all our sub-areas improved from the previous year,” Joensuu says.

Response activity also increasing in professional services

NPS has been measured at Raksystems Finland Insin√∂√∂ritoimisto Oy for certain services since 2020. These are services in Raksystems’ own reporting program: condition inspection, condition assessment, moisture mapping, mass moisture mapping, expert statement and supervision.

Among those responding to the NPS survey are individual consumers, real estate agents and property managers. The survey has been produced by ExperQ from the beginning.

Jenna Joensuu says that one of the larger sub-areas affecting Raksystems Finland’s result is the condition inspection. It is the largest and best-performing entity in terms of feedback volume.

“There has been great development in consumer measurement last year: almost one in four condition inspection customers responded to our survey. In Pro or professional services, the response rate also developed positively in 2023. We will continue to work to improve response activity this year.”

The NPS survey is automatically sent to the service subscriber when the work is completed or, in longer projects, once a quarter, i.e. four times a year.

Regardless of the number of orders, one service subscriber, such as a real estate agent, can receive a survey from Raksystems at most once a quarter.

As one of the factors affecting the response activity in 2023, Joensuu mentions the reminders that were introduced at the beginning of the year.

“This is directly reflected in the response activity. It feels good that we have done the right things and got response rates to grow. Feedback from customers is a valuable measure and guideline for our work to improve the customer experience,” Joensuu says.

More services to be included in 2024

In the 2022 sustainability report, Raksystems Finland set a goal to draw up a plan on how to get more and more services and business operations into the NPS measurement for the whole of Finland.

In 2023, Green Building Services (GBS), design, construction management and supervision were added to the NPS survey. GBS measurement started in September, and the latter, Project Services business services, were still in the testing phase at the end of the year.

“With them, NPS measurement is intended to start now at the beginning of the year. In addition, we will start thinking with the companies we have bought about how NPS measurement is implemented in them. All in all, a lot will happen in terms of measurement in 2024,” Joensuu says.

During 2024, NPS measurement is intended to be expanded more widely to different services in Raksystems Finland’s Inspections & Surveys B2B services. The business services include, for example, indoor air and condition surveys.

Development work also for Raksystems Sweden

Raksystems Sweden has so far conducted the NPS survey once a year, as has EcoReal, which belongs to Raksystems Finland, and KnowTek, which offers property and building technology expert services.

EcoReal’s and KnowTek’s NPS scores were included in Raksystems Finland’s score for 2023.

“For Raksystems Sweden, the goal is a plan that makes the measurement repetitive and extensive,” says Sanni Isosomppi, Marketing and Communications Director involved in Raksystems Group’s responsibility work.