The core of Raksystems’ business is to create impact

The core of Raksystems’ business is to create impact

We are the leading expert in sustainable real estate business, whose core idea is to assist clients in achieving sustainability goals as well as improving the energy efficiency and condition of properties. The core of our business is to create lasting, positive change in the well-being of properties and their users, the environment, and society, with the help of over 700 experts.

Over the past year, encouraged by our majority owner Trill Impact, we have ambitiously continued our sustainability and impact work. We have taken significant steps forward by concretizing the impact of our services with our Finnish business operations. This work was advanced with the entire staff, cascading down from team leader training to the expert level. In working groups, we were able to concretize the significance and impact of expert services and agree on concrete metrics for management.

Where does our impact come from?

As a result of impact work, we have concretized the impact of our services into three different categories:

1. We reduce our clients’ emissions:

The built environment accounts for nearly 40% of global carbon emissions. Through our expert services, we identify the energy-saving potential of properties and implement measures to improve energy efficiency. Through these efforts, our clients achieve significant emission reductions. Additionally, we help our clients avoid emissions through early carbon footprint guidance in construction projects and the Geolo heat production solution. This aspect of impact we can refer to as our positive carbon handprint (tCO2e).

2. We ensure safe and healthy properties:

People spend up to 90% of their time indoors, making property safety and health significant for human well-being. Our experts conduct comprehensive property condition surveys and inspections for both consumer and corporate sectors, identifying potential issues. We provide various design commissions and repairs to proactively ensure the safety and well-being of property users. This aspect of impact we can refer to as our well-being handprint (person).

3. We help our clients ensure sustainable business:

Planned and proactive maintenance of properties saves property owners an estimated 25% compared to situations where maintenance is not planned. Through our expert services, we help identify property issues and anticipate them through various design commissions and repair measures. Planned maintenance also reduces property repair backlog, which is a growing problem in Finland. Through implemented energy efficiency measures, our clients also save on energy costs. This aspect, linked to the previous points and leading to cost savings for clients, we can refer to as our savings handprint (M€).

In addition to the impact of our services, our operations have significant impact through knowledge dissemination and employment. As an expert organization, it is our obligation to share knowledge and understanding of responsible property management with various stakeholders. This way, we can indirectly influence thinking and actions and bring about significant change from environmental, human, and societal perspectives.

In the future, our impact work will be part of our comprehensive sustainability efforts. We will set goals and regularly monitor the development of impact using the metrics we have defined.

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