Raksystems to become a leading indoor air service provider in Finland

Raksystems Insinööritoimisto Oy has agreed in 12th March 2019 to buy the entire share capital of Sisäilmatalo Kärki Oy, a well-known indoor air expert company. With the acquisition Raksystems continues its investments in services for healthy and wellbeing of buildings and strengthens its position as a leading indoor air expert in Finland.

After the deal Raksystems’ comprehensive service offering in indoor air quality keeps expanding and the nationwide indoor air expert network grows with approx. 20 new professionals.

”The Kärki acquisition is an important step on Raksystems’ journey to become a leading professional services firm in the Nordics assisting our clients to retain the wellbeing and value of their buildings. Solving indoor air issues is a fundamental element of healthy living environment. We are very impressed by the work that Kärki has done in the indoor air services and climate control services in the construction sites. We share a common vision with Kärki and can easily see the benefits of the merger for our customers and employees”, states Marko Malmivaara, CEO of Raksystems Insinööritoimisto Oy.

“We are very exited for the future with Raksystems. The merger relieves both companies’ demand for indoor air experts as well as enables us to provide our customers even more comprehensive range of services and expert network. Kärki is well-known and appreciated indoor air expert for example in large public sector projects in the field of condition evaluation and moisture control. After the merger with Raksystems, our employees have more possibilities to work in new interesting projects and focus on their expertise areas“, states Jukka-Pekka Kärki, CEO and founder of Sisäilmatalo Kärki Oy.

“I am impressed by Raksystems’ large scale of operations, diverse service offering and competencies in construction engineering. Our common vision is to grow our expertise in healthy living environments and provide more diverse services for our customers,” Kärki continues.

After the transaction Sisäilmatalo Kärki Oy continues as a subsidiary of Raksystems and will continue to have its offices in Joensuu, Kuopio and Lappeenranta.

Further information:

Marko Malmivaara, CEO Raksystems Group, +358 40 046 4934 marko.malmivaara@raksystems.fi