Raksystems Group expands its operations to include property condition inspections in Sweden by acquiring Independia Group

The leading property wellbeing expert in the Nordic countries and Finland’s market leader in condition inspections, indoor air surveys and environmental certifications for properties, Raksystems Group expands its service portfolio to include expert services for consumers also in Sweden. A trailblazer in the field of housing trade condition evaluations, Raksystems will become one of Sweden’s largest housing trade condition evaluation companies as a result of this transaction. After the transaction, Raksystems will be involved in more than 20,000 housing transactions and condition surveys per year in the Nordic countries. Independia Group is one of Sweden’s largest companies providing housing trade condition evaluations and hidden default insurances to consumers. The closing of the acquisition is in February 2021.

After the transaction, Raksystems Group will offer services in Finland and Sweden in three service areas: Green Building Services, Inspections & Surveys, and Project Services. The Swedish service portfolio will cover the same services related to the wellbeing of properties as in Finland, focusing on property condition evaluations and surveys, environmental certification, and green construction and project management services. As a result of the acquisition of Independia Group, Raksystems will be able to offer condition evaluation services to consumers, as well as hidden default insurances in connection with housing transactions as new services in Sweden.

Established in 1995, Independia Group began its operations by offering housing trade condition evaluations and hidden default insurances in connection with housing transactions. As a result of successful growth, the service portfolio has been expanded to include also for example energy certificates. The company’s projected net sales for 2020 is approximately SEK 60 million. Independia Group’s network of a hundred experts covers the whole Sweden.

“Housing trade condition evaluations have always been at the core of Raksystem’s business, and the acquisition of Independia Group allows us to offer these services also in Sweden. Now we can serve Swedish consumer customers. I’m looking forward to the whole new target audience in the new country,” says Marko Malmivaara, the CEO of Raksystems Group.

“Interesting opportunities will open up to Independia Group to expand our service portfolio and to offer, in cooperation with the other subsidiaries of Raksystems Group, more extensive service packages. By utilising our shared service portfolio, we can now even better ensure the wellbeing of properties and their owners and users,” says Sanna Hayson, the Managing Director of Independia Group.

Raksystems Group is growing strongly and starts the year 2021 powerfully. Raksystems Group serves Swedish and Finnish customers in the fields of green construction, property surveys, inspections and certificates, as well as provides property development, construction supervision and design services.

The acquisition will increase Raksystems Group’s pro forma net sales to approximately €60 million and the company’s staff to approximately 540 experts. The acquisition strengthens the position of Raksystems Group as the leading property wellbeing expert in the Nordic countries.

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Raksystems – the best in the Nordic countries, every day!

Raksystems Group’s mission is to assist property owners in keeping their buildings in good condition. A building that is in good condition promotes the wellbeing of both the residents and the owners, as well as benefits the environment: we actively promote sustainable choices and values. Our services reduce the environmental impact of buildings and encourage customers to make better choices.

Raksystems was established in 1989 and we employ some 540 experts in Finland and Sweden. For more information, please visit raksystems.com.