Raksystems Group appoints Örjan Kjellström as Country Manager for Raksystems Sweden

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Raksystems Group, the Nordics’ leading expert in wellbeing properties, has appointed Örjan Kjellström as country manager for Raksystems Sweden. Örjan, who is the founder and CEO of Raksystems Projektledarhuset, will take up his position as Country Manager from 17 January 2022. The Country Manager reports directly to the CEO, Marko Malmivaara.

“Together we have a fantastic opportunity as a company to grow even stronger. In Raksystems Sweden, we have six well-established and reputable companies. Together, we have a broad competence and a large contact area within the market, which provides an opportunity to develop all our operations”, explains Örjan Kjellström.

“Personally, I see it as an inspiring challenge of getting a leading role in this work, to work together with all our fantastic employees towards a stronger and united Raksystems Sweden, Örjan concludes.

Raksystems Group’s mission is to help property owners, and other parties in the construction and real estate industry, to keep buildings in good and prosperous condition in order to promote the wellbeing of users, owners and the environment. We work sustainably in all our services to reduce the environmental impact of buildings and we encourage our customers to make better choices.

For more information contact:

Örjan Kjellström, CEO, Raksystems Sweden, +46 8 588 919 10, orjan.kjellstrom@raksystemsse

Marko Malmivaara, Group CEO, Raksystems Group,+358 40 046 4934, marko.malmivaara@raksystems.fi