Raksystems continues strong growth – Swedish qb3 projekt AB is the fourth acquisition in 2021

Raksystems Group continues to make strong progress through the COVID-19 pandemic by acquiring all the shares of qb3 projekt AB, a company that is based in southern Sweden and specialises in project management of new building construction and repair construction. The qb3 projekt serves customers especially in the Skåne region and reinforces the business of the Project Services division of Raksystems Group in southern Sweden. The completion date of the acquisition is in July 2021.

The qb3 projekt was founded in 2018, and the company has extensive experience in different types of project management for both new building and repair construction projects. They have specialised, for example, in the restoration of historically and culturally significant buildings. In addition to project management, qb3 projekt provides its customers, for example, final inspections of new buildings and condition surveys. The company has an extensive customer base in the construction and real estate industries, including both public entities and housing companies. Some of their significant customers include the city of Malmö, MKB, Lomma municipality, Skanska and Sundprojekt.

“We were convinced by the strong competence of the qb3 projekt experts and by the good reputation of the company. The company is an excellent fit for the Raksystems Group, and the services that their experts provide go very well with the services of our subsidiaries Byggkonsultgruppen and Projektledarhuset in our Project Services division in Sweden”, shares Raksystems Group CEO Marko Malmivaara.

With the acquisition in July, the Raksystems Group deepens the service portfolio for construction companies and large property owners in Sweden. The Project Services division offers, for example, cleanliness and moisture control, as well as construction management and supervision services. The Raksystems Group’s services also include the Green Building Services division and condition evaluations and surveys in the Inspections & Surveys division.

“We look forward to our future together in the Raksystems Group. An organisation of almost 600 experts has decades of learning and experience to share, and we are excited to join in! As a part of the Raksystems Group, we can offer an even wider array of services for our existing customers, and I am confident that we will also find new customers in southern Sweden who we can serve together”, explains managing director of the qb3 project AB Fredric Ståhl.

The acquisition will increase the Raksystems Group’s pro forma net sales to over 65 million EUR and personnel to 570 experts. It reinforces the position of the Raksystems Group as the leading property wellbeing expert in the Nordic countries.

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Raksystems – the best in the Nordic countries – every day!

The Raksystems Group’s mission is to assist property owners in keeping their buildings in good condition. A building that is in good condition promotes the wellbeing of both the residents and the owners, as well as benefits the environment: we actively promote sustainable choices and values. Our services reduce the environmental impact of buildings and encourage customers to make better choices.

We employ some 570 people in Finland and Sweden. Raksystems was established in 1989. For more information, please visit www.raksystems.com.