Raksystems appoints new Country Manager for Raksystems Sweden

Robert Kühnel, Country Manager Sweden

Raksystems is pleased to announce the appointment of Robert Kühnel as the new Country Manager for Raksystems Sweden, effective from September 2023. This transition comes as Örjan Kjellström, the current Country Manager, steps into retirement.

“Having worked in the real estate sector for over four decades, founding the successful Projektledarhuset AB, and subsequently taking on the role of Country Manager for Raksystems Sweden through an acquisition, the journey of decades has provided me with invaluable experiences. Now, it’s time to focus on my family and extend my full support to Robert as he takes on his new role,” shared Örjan Kjellström, who will continue as Country Manager for Raksystems Sweden until September 2023.

Kjellström will continue to serve as the CEO of Raksystems Projektledarhuset AB until a new CEO is appointed.

“Our dedicated team is our most valuable asset on our journey towards a thriving business in Sweden and across Europe. With our strong expertise, unwavering determination, and collaborative spirit, we are poised to continue succeeding in the growth-oriented real estate and construction industry in Sweden,” affirmed Robert Kühnel, who will assume the role of Country Manager for Raksystems Sweden on September 15, 2023.

For further information:
Örjan Kjellström, orjan.kjellstrom@sustera.fi/se,+46 705 944 858
Robert Kühnel, +46 701 490 283