Raksystems acquires EcoReal

Raksystems Group, the leading property wellbeing experts in the Nordics, has acquired the share capital of Finnish company EcoReal Oy through a deal signed on 7.7.2022. EcoReal is well-known as a provider of energy services, condition services, and environmental and sustainability services and as a partner in construction and consulting work. We want to be at the forefront of sustainable development in Europe in all aspects of property wellbeing, and we are advancing towards this goal every day.

Established in 2016, EcoReal aims to make its customers’ properties carbon-neutral while also taking into account the wellbeing of property users. In 2021, the company participated in 85 energy audits and more than 200 construction consultancy projects as well as preparing dozens of environmental certifications, carrying out carbon footprint calculations and providing other environmental services. The company’s top customers include Sagax, Julius Tallberg Real Estate, Ilmarinen, NREP and Mileway.

“In addition to growing our energy, environmental and sustainability services, we have invested in recent years in securing the company’s strong growth. In order to offer our employees more interesting career paths, we wanted to explore a shared future with a strong player in our field – Raksystems,” explains EcoReal’s CEO Janne Rytkönen.

EcoReal serves professional property owners and users through its network of 60 experts spread across the whole country. The company grew by an enormous 58.7% between 2018 and 2021, and its turnover for 2022 is forecast at EUR 14 million. With this acquisition, the 2022 turnover forecast for Raksystems Group will rise to EUR 90 million and its total number of expert personnel will increase to 680.

“As the trade negotiations progressed, all of us in the Raksystems management team were impressed by EcoReal’s ability to combine expertise with quality work. At Raksystems, we have a long history of providing expert services, and our values have always been characterised by a zest for getting things done. Together, we will be able to serve our customers in more diverse and comprehensive ways,” says Raksystems Group CEO Marko Malmivaara.

Further information:

Raksystems Group CEO Marko Malmivaara, +358 40 046 4934, marko.malmivaara@raksystems.fi
EcoReal Oy CEO Janne Rytkönen, +358 40 532 2261, janne.rytkonen@ecoreal.fi

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The goal of Raksystems Group is to help property owners keep their buildings in good shape. This promotes the wellbeing of property users, residents and owners. At the same time, the environment also benefits from our active promotion of sustainable choices and values. Our services help to reduce properties’ environmental impacts, and we also encourage and support our customers towards making better choices.

Our company was established in 1989, and we employ around 680 experts in Finland and Sweden. To find out more about us,  visit www.raksystems.com.