Building Sustainability: Raksystems and ByggPartner Partner for Swan Ecolabel Certification

Raksystems, in collaboration with ByggPartner, serves as the Swan Ecolabel Coordinator for the E-block being constructed in Rosendal, Uppsala. The building comprises 146 rental apartments.

The Importance of Swan Ecolabel Certification

Raksystems ensures that the project adheres to the requirements of the Swan Ecolabel (Svanen). The E-block, consisting of 146 rental apartments, is being constructed for the client Åke Sundvall AB. Upon completion, the building will feature a beige plaster facade with balconies. Raksystems joined the project during the planning phase to help ensure compliance with the Swan Ecolabel requirements.

Raksystems: Ensuring Compliance and Quality

The Swan label is widely recognized as an environmental certification in Sweden. One of the advantages of constructing housing projects with the Swan Ecolabel is its high recognition among consumers, with approximately 96% of Sweden’s population acknowledging it as a credible environmental mark. However, building a Swan Ecolabel project presents challenges due to stringent requirements on chemicals and building products, posing a challenge for contractors. Hence, the role of the Swan Ecolabel Coordinator is crucial in providing support and finding solutions for contractors. Raksystems fulfills this role for ByggPartner.

Testimonials: Praise for Partnership and Performance

The Swan label sets rigorous standards for energy efficiency, daylight, materials, and chemical products. It mandates energy usage requirements, specifies permissible chemical products, and considers various indoor environmental factors relevant to human health and the environment. Additionally, the Swan Ecolabel mandates quality control throughout the construction process, handover to residents, and building management/operation.

Aside from coordination, Raksystems’ Swan Ecolabel Coordinator has assisted in reviewing all energy and daylight requirements.

Building according to the Swan Ecolabel serves as evidence to customers that the building maintains low energy consumption, provides a healthy indoor environment, and minimizes its environmental impact.

“I am very satisfied with my collaboration with Raksystems. It is a resourceful and competent company that maintains a high level of service in its deliveries. The assistance provided for Swan Ecolabeling through our collaboration is invaluable to me. Therefore, I gladly recommend others to hire Raksystems for their projects.” – Markus Spångberg, Byggpartner

“ByggPartner is a skilled contractor with high ambitions. Working with them is enjoyable due to their conscientious approach and drive. Conscious customers with great ambition make collaboration much easier in the role of Swan Ecolabel Coordinator.” – Raksystems

Environmental inspections continued during the production phase, with Raksystems conducting regular environmental rounds and “spot checks” on product choices in collaboration with our customer. Additionally, the Swan Ecolabel organization ensures compliance through on-site checks.

The E-block is scheduled for move-in during 2023.

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